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How a Waxing Franchisee Spun Delays to Benefit Her Business


Julie Eash, a Waxing the City franchisee in McKinney, Texas.

Every new entrepreneur hates to hear the word “delayed.” Julie Eash, a franchisee in McKinney, Texas, faced seven months of opening delays due to unforeseen issues when launching her Waxing the City studio, a network of waxing franchises owned by Anytime Fitness.

Once her landlord said they were finally set to open, Eash gave the green light to her staff to put in their two-week notices at their former jobs. But during orientation, Eash received an email from her landlord, notifying her that the city had problems with the building plans and they weren’t actually ready to open.

“The first couple days, I didn’t know what I was going to do,” Eash said. “I was so embarrassed.”

Eash boldly decided to keep her entire staff on the payroll and turned the delay into a grassroots networking and volunteering opportunity.

“I said, ‘you know what, we’re going to go out and volunteer and exercise together…I’m going to make something good come out of this,’ because at that point I just wanted to cry I was so upset,” Eash said. “I’m going to pay them to do good, and we’re just going to see what happens.”

The group of managers and “Cerologists”­—a term coined by Waxing the City to describe waxing technicians—set out to canvas the city of McKinney. For an entire month, the crew delivered goodies to their local police and fire departments, volunteered at the largest homeless center in their county and hosted exercising events for the community. During that time, the team formed a special bond that holds strong today.

“Today, I still have the same team,” Eash said. “I’ve built teams my whole life, but this one…I have never seen a team work so good together. We’re family, that’s what it’s become.”

When the studio finally opened July 2018, the community was waiting for them. People knew the women from their volunteering and dropped by Waxing the City to ask if they were indeed actually open.

Eash feels her transparency and honesty with her employees throughout the entire process helped her business immensely, despite the initial embarrassment of being delayed. She also stressed how important it was to her that her employees give at least a 2-week notice at their former jobs.

“In this industry, that is not everyone’s thinking or mindset,” Eash said. “Letting them be honest with their employers was really important to me. I would never want to harm anyone else’s business.”

With nine Cerologists and new services such as lash lifts and brow tints being added to the service menu, Eash’s Waxing the City location has grown in the past two years and plans to continue the momentum they first set by serving their community. Waxing the City polled 1,429 adults in a 2015 study and found that the number of men waxing is steadily increasing, another piece of good news for Eash and her staff.

When asked what her biggest success has been, Eash said it’s been her empathy for her team.

“I ended up having a lot of adversity in my life, so I was able to be on that end of it…people get in accidents, get divorces, and have bad days,” Eash said. “Now to be able to walk through that stuff with other people, I see how important it is to create a good and safe culture for your employees.”

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