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Crunch Time at Franchise Times


As we prepare for our annual Restaurant Finance & Development Conference in Las Vegas next week, it’s the busiest time of the year here at Franchise Times. With more interviews on my plate than any other month thus far in 2016, here’s a look at what we’re working on as our nation collectively bites its nails on Election Day.

Aside from any conference duties, it’s the busy season for our Fast & Serious project, which recognizes the fastest—and smartest—growing franchises in the industry. Using a proprietary, 10-point formula that’s partially based upon our annual Top 200+ list, Fast & Serious is our exclusive project designed to help potential franchisees large and small sort through the noise to see what chains are growing in a smart, sustainable way. Nobody else does this, and the amount of interviews our edit team has lined up is staggering. That’s a good thing.

As we pack our bags, change our recorder batteries and polish camera lenses in advance of RFDC, which begins on Monday at The Bellagio, we’re also lining up a litany of in-person interviews with CEOs, CFOs, franchisees and other operators—both for individual stories and video interviews that will be posted on Franchise Times. Whether or not you’ll be attending our conference, stay tuned to FranchiseTimes.com for continual updates from our entire edit team.

Heading into the holiday season, we’re also working on two high-profile new projects. First, we’re continuing the rollout of our all-new Food On Demand media project, which is designed to help you profit at the intersection of food, mobility and technology. That snappy little tagline means we’re covering the restaurants, third-party delivery services and suppliers that are using new delivery technology to bring more food and products to people everywhere.

Now that everything can be delivered, from baby food to dog food to toiletries from the nearest convenience store or pharmacy, retail and food consumption are in for an even bigger change than was predicted when Amazon first hit the scene. This is big, and we see this as a valuable resource for any major restaurant, retail or service brand looking for a direct connection to their consumers.

Lastly, we’re putting feverishly working on our January issue, with its usual round of interviews, feature stories, photo shoots and special projects. Like everyone else, we’ll be closely watching the results of tonight’s election, and staying in touch with our industry contacts for their takes on what a new administration will mean for franchising. However the votes land, it’s an interesting time to be alive.

With your vote and your eyeballs, we ask that you get involved in our democracy and immerse yourself in our coverage of an industry designed to extend the opportunity for personal advancement to everyday people. Who wouldn’t support that?

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