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UK Survey Firm Yumpingo Aims for Actionable Data Only


There’s nothing like opening up a survey, any survey, and seeing a massive list of personal questions. Is this the doctor’s office or a French fry survey? 

British restaurant analytics and big data firm Yumpingo aims to be the polar opposite. The firm has partnered with TGI Fridays as it’s first U.S. client with the goal of delivering actionable, granular data without the demographics of so many surveys. 

“We emphasize that it’s a one-minute conversation, and people are willing to give their feedback. That one minute in Yumpingo is really one minute, we don task the 150 demographic questions that marketers want,” said Dan Dillon, the vice president of U.S. operations for Yumpingo. 

The surveys are presented via a tabletop device that asks for feedback at the end of the restaurant experience. Dillon said that without any incentive or big service changes, up to 66 percent of tables take part in that survey and 20 percent of those respondents leave an email. 

That combined with the order data make up for he lack of detailed demographic data. 

“A real address, connected to a product and time and review helps truly understand what the experience was,” said Dillon. 

According to the company, by keeping the surveys short and to the point, it’s able to collect a huge amount of feedback. During a five-month period, its British partners saw 4,000 percent more surveys then Yelp, TripAdvisor, Opentable, Facebook and Google combined.  

That’s an impressive number, but 4,000 percent more nonsense won’t help anyone. Dillon said, however, the data has helped make some real business changes. 

In a case study with BIRD, a four-location fried chicken concept based in the U.K. The study was focused on execution and customer satisfaction, using the surveys to ID individual server behaviors, serving logistics and consistency. The company was able to push same-store sales up by 8.3 percent. 

In another case study of Mitchells & Butlers, a 1,800-location multi-concept operator, the company was looking to improve customer satisfaction as measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Using the surveying platform, the company saw the number of customers promoting the brands rise by 18 percent within four months. 

Dillon said the data delivers the high-level insights that fewer more detailed surveys do, but it an also get to store-to-store and server-to-server differences, as the company saw in a new product launch. 

“A brand we worked with launched a new menu item, Yumpingo was in their restaurants and the average score for the guest was OK. But when we dug in, 20 percent of the rests were 75% and over for satisfaction, but 80 percent were over 95,” said Dillon. “I would have been told that this dish isn’t performing, but we realized it was a rock star but we have an execution issue at two locations. So you have a rock star but you would have ignored it in the past.” 

He said the sheer volume of data can help get down to those granular issues even when it’s just testing something like an LTO or new menu item and helps identify what is really a product issue and what could be an execution issue. 

As the company integrates with Fridays, Dillon said they’re looking for more “change makers” in the U.S. market as they expand U.S. operations with new management and support staff.

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