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Engineering For Kids Soaring High

It’s one thing to hear about a young franchise with dramatic plans for growth. It’s quite another, in the eyes of this reporter, to hear about a franchise started by a full-time school teacher that’s up to 152 locations and in 22 countries just seven years after it was founded.

Going On a Weekend Gender Bender

This is what I learned in my gender-bending weekend: From a drag queen, it takes just a small safety pin to turn a conservative neckline into a cleavage-baring one. And from a Shakespearean play, women can look amazingly masculine, even without the pincushion codpiece.

Minneapolis May Extend Drive-Through Ban. Is That Bad?

Drive-throughs are a big part of franchising and the American suburban landscape. As illustrated by a new proposal in Minneapolis, many cities are outlawing the construction of new drive-through businesses along with other auto-oriented facilities. Is this a bad thing? Maybe not.

New Option for BrightStar 'Zees, Plus Gyro Shack's Debut

I pick up many juicy tidbits whenever I attend a conference, and this year’s International Franchise Association annual conference in San Antonio is no exception. Here are two, from BrightStar and Gyro Shack:

Smart Response Critical in Crisis, IFA Panelist Says

Tim McIntyre, vice president of communications at Domino's pizza for a couple of decades, has learned many lessons about crisis management that have only grown sharper since the rise of social media. A cardinal rule: “Your response affects your reputation as much as the incident itself,” he said at a panel on the topic Sunday at the International Franchise Association’s annual conference in San Antonio.

For Franchisees, Multi-Unit Growth Means Letting Go

Growth is the name of the game for franchisees, but making that move from one-unit operator to multi-unit franchisee is no small task, as attendees of a franchisee growth session at the annual IFA Convention learned.

Enjoying a Wet Willie in Houston

As I took a drink of my multi-colored Superman frozen daiquiri from the Wet Willie’s booth at last week’s Franchise Expo South, I wondered why others weren’t also giving away booze, regardless of the company. The sugary, colorful and surprisingly potent concoction was the perfect break from the show, and a pleasant gateway for the conversation I had with the franchised company’s CEO, William Dickinson.

Pet Franchise Is for the Birds

People who don't work for pet franchises imagine those who do spend all day playing with dogs, yammering with birds and getting treats. And that may not be too far off the mark.

Expo Show Psychology

There’s always interesting stuff to see at the big franchise shows. Having just returned from the 2016 Franchise Expo South in Houston, I saw it all, but my favorite encounter was with a guy whose booth was directly across from ours.

Second Mover in Healthcare Franchising Proves the Trend

Well, that didn’t take long. Nurse Next Door, a Vancouver-based home care franchise, announced this week a deal with St. Joseph Health in California, in which the not-for-profit St. Joseph will become a franchisee of a for-profit healthcare brand, and will open 26 franchise territories with an additional 12 as options to build out in the future.

No Rich Kids for QSR International's Prez

Speaking of Franchise Times Dealmakers winners, whom I had fun interviewing all week, I’ve already heard some gems that I’m looking forward to sharing with readers in our April issue. Here’s one from QSR International's president that I couldn’t wait to tell:

Please Pray for Me, I'm in D.C.

The annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., is not for the easily annoyed or enochlophobic. Nor is it a place where you can save a seat for a friend. Sorry, Dina Dwyer-Owens.

Less Serious Outtakes from Fast & Serious Interviews

All 40 interviews with the winners of our Fast & Serious ranking, the fastest, smartest-growing franchises, will be in our March issue, but here's what two CEOs talked about on the record, but off the page.

Freshii Hopes to Bowl Loyal Chipotle Customers Over at Lunch (Today)

Have lunch plans for today (Feb. 8)? Since you can't go to Chipotle, two franchises have food promotions hoping to attract loyal Chipotle fans.

Former Baseball Star Koskie Tells Truth About Franchisee Life

Corey Koskie, former third baseman for the Minnesota Twins, tells how difficult it was to be a Planet Fitness franchisee in a riveting blog post on The Players' Tribune, including the infamous clogged-toilet incident.

Growth Advice From Three Big Multi-Unit Franchisees

Becoming more than a one- two- or three-unit franchisee is no easy task. What brands to go with? How far from home can you wander? We talked to a few of the biggest multi-unit franchisees in the biz for their advice on growing a larger franchise operation. As a bonus, we asked them what to expect in the economy for the rest of 2016.

12 Win Prestigious FT Dealmakers Awards

Franchise Times today announces winners of the 2016 Franchise Times Dealmakers awards, the fourth annual project recognizing the boldest players driving mergers and acquisitions in franchising.

Keller Williams Crushing the Real Estate Game

Based off some impressive new numbers extending Keller Williams' lead as the world’s largest real estate franchise, the fast-growing company is riding the recovery wave to the top of its game. We recently spoke with the company’s president, John Davis, to find out what’s behind the great numbers and what are the most interesting things happening in America’s real estate market.

Metaphorical Franchising

At this week’s Franchise Forward event held in the Twin Cities, a great panel of franchise experts delved into a variety of topics impacting the industry, while host John Francis used his keynote address to compare multi-unit franchising to the life cycle of people. It was an interesting approach.

Planet Fitness Knows How to Make the Most of Its Moments

We’re reporting our Fast and Serious cover story for March right now, and enjoying the opportunity to pick the brains of 40 CEOs of the smartest-growing franchise brands, to learn how they drive sustainable growth. Along the way, we’re picking up some interesting stories, like the experience of Planet Fitness when it went public last August, and did so in a big way.

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