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Franchise Time White Papers

Franchise Times’ library of white papers will make you a more knowledgeable franchise operator on a number of subjects near and dear to your business’ bottom line. Written by experts in their field, these detailed reports provide the latest thinking on everything from international expansion to new technology.  


Franchise Times Vendor Directory

The Franchise Times Vendor Directory is the go-to resource for finding a partner to grow and prosper in the franchise community.  As businesses grow and become more complicated, franchises need someone they can rely on to help them grow their systems.  This involves everything from legal support, to business services, technology and products/supplies.

Franchise Times Finance & Real Estate Directory

The news on the street may be that money is getting harder and harder to find, but that doesn't mean finance sources are. Take a look at our list of specialized lenders and pick up the phone and start the relationship.

Franchise Times Book of Brands - Franchises for experienced operators

Franchise Time’s Book of Brands provides prospective franchisees with the preliminary information they need to make an informed choice about buying a particular franchise business. Our Book of Brands listing of the top franchise opportunities provides you with essential information about the company, the investment level required and contact info, so you can contact the company directly for more information. Feel free to search on-line or download a copy of the Book of Brands to read at your own pace.

Legal Eagles

Do you know a Legal Eagle? In each April issue of Franchise Times, we feature our annual list of the industry's Legal Eagles: Franchise lawyers at the top of their game, the rainmakers, the go-to guys, adversaries and clients alike.

Franchising Research

The Franchise Times Top 200: The Largest Franchise Companies

One reason the Great Recession was so unusual was the lack of growth in franchising. Bankruptcies were more common than development agreements. During most downturns, franchising grows as debt prices drop and the unemployed target job opportunities.

The Restaurant Finance Monitor’s Top 200 Restaurant Franchisees

Once you’ve read our latest ranking, file it away for future reference. These are the top restaurant franchisees in the country-and there’s a lot more to them than you see here.

Franchise Times Guide To Buying A Franchise 

We've published the definitive guide to buying a franchise and making it a success.  The 253-page book is filled with practical advice from real-life individuals who made the jump into franchising.

Other Resources

Other Franchise Times' Publications

Other valuable franchising resources from Franchise Times Corporation. Enjoy the The Restaurant Finance Monitor and FoodService News!

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