• Last Year Rank: NEW
  • Investment Range: $36,950-$98,000
  • Initial Investment: $25,000-$50,000
  • Category: Home Services
Mosquito Authority

Company Description

Joey Osborne founded Mosquito Authority in his backyard so his three daughters could enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive by mosquitos. The company offers “no commitment, no contract” mosquito control services to help others “take back their yards,” just as Osborne did back in 2002.

Despite the name, Mosquito Authority is not owned by Authority Brands. Its corporate parent, Authority Franchise Systems, LLC, also owns Pest Authority.

Company Statistics

  • Global Sales: $49,000,000
  • US Units: 483
  • International Units: 1
  • Total Units: 484
  • Percent Franchised: 100%
  • % International Units: 0%
  • US Franchised Units: 483
  • International Franchised Units: 1
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