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Sales Performance: Printing & Shipping Franchises

By Nick Upton

Business operators conserved cash in 2020 and their marketing spend got a haircut, but they shipped a lot of goods. The former was apparent through the bottom half of the printing and shipping category, as some companies saw major sales declines and unit closures. At the other end, someone had to print all those “Mask up!” signs. Those that leaned into the pandemic era grew sales through a volatile period. Leading the pack is Image360, up 46.6 percent to $252 million. Mike Cline, chief development officer at Image360 parent Alliance Brands, said ‘zees took the “essential” calling seriously, creating signage and the now ubiquitous acrylic guards for other businesses. “We found ourselves helping all sorts of businesses with all sorts of signage,” he said. “That momentum continues to this day.” Sales for Fully Promoted and Signarama jumped 7.8 and 7.7 percent, respectively. As for printing, the segment grew by 16 percent with InXpress surging ahead 20.2 percent.

Mailing, Shipping and Packaging     
RankLast Year RankFranchise ConceptSales Growth % Global Sales ($M) Total Units
216260InXpress20.4% 213 410
3655The UPS Store16.4% 3,085* 5,304
322349Craters & Freighters-7.9% 75 65
Printing, Graphics and Signs     
RankLast Year RankFranchise ConceptSales Growth % Global Sales ($M) Total Units
199266Image36046.6% 252 298
300348Fully Promoted 7.8% 92 273
174206Signarama7.7% 341 707
129158Proforma7.5% 538 602
131149FASTSIGNS-0.8% 537 756
316343YESCO-10.4% 79 101
351377PIP Marketing Signs Print-15.6% 55 61
324341SpeedPro-15.9% 75 170
168171Minuteman Press -19.0% 375 948
226228Sir Speedy Print Signs Marketing-21.0% 192 153
214217AlphaGraphics-22.6% 216 271
223224Allegra Marketing Print Mail-25.2% 196 264

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