• Last Year Rank: N/A
  • Investment Range: $1,538,500 - $2,846,600
  • Initial Investment: $10,000
  • Category: Restaurant
Tio Juan’s Margaritas

Company Description

This Mexican casual restaurant has 25 locations in six states. As Tio Juan’s name hints at, the chain serves a vast array of margaritas and other Mexican-inspired drinks. Some of the restaurant’s specialty margarita flavors include black raspberry, a “proseccorita” made with prosecco as well as a prickly pear and habanero pepper combination. Tio Juan’s also serves fajitas, enchiladas, salads tacos and other Mexican fare.

The chain is based in Dover, New Hampshire.

Company Statistics

  • Global Sales: $52,255,000
  • US Units: 25
  • International Units: 0
  • Total Units: 25
  • Percent Franchised: 28%
  • % International Units: 0%
  • US Franchised Units: 7
  • International Franchised Units: 0