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Late 2019 into early 2020 was a time for expansion as many restaurant franchises made significant investments in technology, store reimaging and remodeling. However, key priorities and areas of investment quickly changed due to COVID-19 when social distancing guidelines forced many franchises to close their stores or limit their operations and direct their focus to delivery, mobile ordering and drive thru capabilities. Now, more than ever, franchisees have leveraged their creativity to ensure consumers feel comfortable returning, whether that be through offering seasonal outdoor dining options, altering how they take in orders and process payments or materially increasing their drive thru and off-premise sales.

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Restaurants have emerged as prime targets for fraudsters. Data breaches at the point of purchase and in the back office can expose businesses like yours to significant financial and reputational damage.  With input from industry experts and bank executives, the new Bank of America Merrill Lynch Cyber Crime report sheds light on key issues

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In the competitive world of local marketing, it’s critical to have a plan tailored to franchise concepts.  Download this guide to see how a franchise focused roadmap to create local marketing campaigns can give your business a competitive advantage.

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Franchising in Canada - The Opportunity U.S. Franchisors Should Know About.

With a population of 37 million people, Canada represents a compelling destination for US franchisors.  Franchising In Canada tells you everything you need to know about expanding to Canada including regional and cultural considerations, differences in disclosure and key areas for adaptation.  

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Congratulations to our 2020 class of Legal Eagles. These attorneys live and breathe franchising and understand the nuances of this unique business model at a deep level.

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When COVID-19 hit and dining rooms were shut down, breakfast and brunch brand Another Broken Egg Cafe struggled with how to stay open and keep staff employed. Morning meal customer transactions have suffered the steepest declines during the pandemic, reported The NPD Group, with those transactions falling by 18 percent at major restaurant chains in June.